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Capitalism II Tips and Hints

- Always try to monopolize stuff. You can win Capitalism II simply by hoarding all of the mining, oil, and lumber resources. You donít need to place mines or oil wells over each of the resource icons instead place a low maintenance building over it to deny the AIís access to it. Then once you have gained control of the resources make the spare parts out of them. Since you control the resources to make the parts, you will have absolutely no competition, so gouge the prices as high as you want.

- Donít meet market demands. You can jack up the price of the item AND still have a steady flow of customers.

- Retail isnít always the best path to go on in Capitalism II. Itíll cost more and take more time to change items to match the trends. Plus the risk is always higher.

- Donít start to research before you start to make a nice profit.

- Concentrate on controlling certain markets, products, etc.

- Keep an eye on your competitors cash cows. If they go belly-up snatch the property up as fast as you can as long as it fits your market.

- Keep a rainy day fund just in case of a recession.

- You shouldnít buy more than one media company, there isnít a need any ways.

- Donít enter into price wars. You might end up killing your company. Think quality and brand name. Would you rather buy the $20 CD player by who knows who or the $50 one by Sony.

Capitalism II Cheats

To get free credits

Hold the 'Shift' key and press 6789 to enable Capitalism II's cheat mode. Then press Alt + C to get 10,000,000 credits.

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