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Although I was delighted to find a Cap II Agglomerate site, your hints are mediocre, at best.

Hoarding resources may be one way to win the game, but its not a good way! You ever try hoarding resource with $10M starting capital? It doesn't work ;-)

As for retail - it's CRUICIAL. Here's the logic: Branding is crucial to keep your products top sellers. Branding isn't cheap, but retail pays for branding. So you have your stores dish out $250k each on advertising a product, meanwhile they're an outlet to sell said product. This of course leaves your factories to make a few million dollars in profits.

As for jacking prices, that will work ONLY if you hoard resources. So meeting market demand is often not only a must, it's a good idea. Most, if not all, of the products you sell should be monopolized if not immediately then pretty soon after you enter their market. Meeting market demand is one way to ensure that competitors can't get back into said products.

Your research tip has the right mindset, but you don't need profit to start research, you need cash. The tip should read: Don't start research before accruing cash. And, no, you don't need profit to accrue cash - that's what the stock market is for.

As for certain markets, your tip should say which ones. I like Bed to start off. Then the computer industry, then video gaming products, then all other electronic products. Why? Because brand and quality ranks high in the "overall" rating these products get. Because having products whose components are similar allows you to build a factory for said components in a city with a low salary base, effectively "outsourcing" the work on components (ie. electronic components, plastic, glass, etc)

As for media tips, try this on for size: You should buy every TV station in every city. The logic? For one thing, you can keep the stations ratings high AND stable better then the AI. This means you don't need to constantly go back and forth looking for the best deal in advertising for each city. I like to set funds for new shows at $550k and CPM at $2.50. Avg profit on TV station is then $3M with an avg rating of 38. Of course, some cities require $650k or even $700k to compete with higher ratings. These still pay off if you have more then 4 retail outlets (remember each spends $250K on advertising, and the locals will take care of the rest).

Your price war advice is sound. Often, if a competitor is offering a product similar to yours in quality and brand, then you mishandled the product and you should leave that market. Exceptions are scenarios in which your handed a company whose previous CEO mishandled a product and now you've got to get back to the top of the market. Then price wars are crucial. The only way to win a price war is cash. Accrue cash by going into other products and through the market, use that cash to take heavy losses on said product.

Lastly, there seems to be a "leather" strategy out there. I haven't quiet worked it out, but I played against someone who played it and was wrecked (though not b/c of his strat, but because I built a mine where I didn't intend to - which cost me all of my starting capitol). I've been searching online for this strategy, but sadly, haven't found it yet. If you know it, or know someone who plays it, I'd appreciate a tip. Feel free to write me back, and hope to see you on to play - I go by the name Lc626.


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