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Capitalism II, Review of

Total Score: 189/200
Grade: A-
Capitalism II is a pretty good game overall. Itís a bit hard to use at first, but the game is pretty quick even on old computers. The graphics are great, but I couldnít grade the sound. If you have patience this will become one of your favorite games.

Game Play
Score: 89/100
Grade: B+
Capitalism II the THE best simulation business I have ever played. The controls and toolbar are REALLY confusing so it takes a lot of persistence to figure out how to make everything work. Once you do, however, the game becomes extremely fun. You can build almost anything you can think of. The only problem is that buildings of the same type ( like all computer stores ) have set sizes and facades. There are 2 toolbars, 3 if you count the map bar, so I recommend just playing around with them for awhile before trying anything. Also the game didnít seem to lag on the computer I tried it on, the computer was bought in 1997.

Score: 100/100
The graphics are great in Capitalism II. Theyíre very detailed and pretty. Every building is very realistic. The only downside is that there arenít very many animations. The graphics are much better than the original version, which looked sort of like the original SimCity.

Score: Not Applicable
Grade: Not Applicable
I couldnít grade the sound because the computer I play Capitalism II doesnít have speakers plugged in at the moment.

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