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Zoo Tycoon Hints and Tips

- Keep an eye on your exhibits, to make sure that they still have animals in them. Some of the animals seem to die pretty quickly.
- Also make sure certain animals don't over crowd their exhibits. Some of the animals reproduce like bunnies. In my experience ostriches and lions breed pretty quickly.
- Assign your Zoo keepers to certain exhibits or eles they'll spend most of their time 'monitoring the zoo'.
- Every time you use the SHIFT+4 cheat it will knock a hole in your fences.
- Do not try putting 2 different kinds of animals in the same exhibit. They almost NEVER like it. If you do, however, try to compromise between their dislikes and stuff.
- NEVER put an herbivore, plant eating animal, with a carnivore, meat eating animal. They will get in a fight and one animal will die. Even placing an antelope with a penguin will cause them to fight.
- Buy the best fences that you can, like iron bar, concrete, Plexiglas, and some other kinds of fences are very strong. All weaker fences will fall apart rather quickly.
- Ignore the Zoo advisor while your making an exhibit, check with him first to see what terrain you should give the animal. Also put your animals in the exhibit right before you start making the exhibit. Don't pause the game and make sure the animal is giving you happy faces each time you change the terrain.
- All animals like rocks, some like 10 some like 50!, so place as many rocks in an exhibit as you can before the animal gives you unhappy faces.
- Download the patch from Mircosoft. It will fix a lot of things that might make you pull your hair out trying to fix. - Always put plants in the exhibit even if the animal advisor guy doesn't say to, choose the plant that is listed in its 'Animal Facts' page.
- Make your paths wider than 1 tile by 1 tile.
- Use tour guides. They will round up a ton of guests in to smaller areas and your guests love them!

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