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SimCity 2000 Tricks

Before you go on, i�ll let you know that all of the SimCity 2000 tricks have been tested at one point or another by me, so they should all be working.

Double Fund Trick, The
Works for both DOS and Mac of SimCity 2000:

It gives you a $10K bond at 25% interest.
Note: If you type in somthing before doing this it won�t work.

1. Before you start building, type fund.
2. Accept the bond. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
3. Go into the bond window and take out a bond.
4. You can repay the two bonds, if you please.
5. Exit the window and aproxx. $1.6 million per year!

Magic Eraser :

Note: You can�t undo what it does to your Simcity!

1. Click the Trees/Surface Water Icon and select trees.
2. Hold down the shift key and press the left mouse button.
3. Drag your cursor over the tiles you wish to erase - you should see any structures disappear!
It�s really fun to erase Arcos and stuff like that, you keep their populations and they�re still taxed!

Multiple Llama and Mayor's House
1. Click Llama Dome.
2. Click and drag it along terrain.
3. Destroy one of them.
4. Llama Dome re-appears in the menu again.

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