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How to�s in SimCity 2000

Here�s a simple guide to learn how to do various things in SimCity 2000.

How to get my city growing faster.
How to lower pollution.
How to lower crime.
How to bring down unemployment.
How to increase my city's education level (EQ).
How to increase my city's health level.

How to get my city growing faster.

First of all lower your taxes. No one likes to live in a rundown area with sky high taxes. Your city will face a mass exodus if you don�t lower your taxes every now and then.

Also try to build more roads and mass trainsit terminals in places where you think, or there, is a moderate to high amount of traffic. No matter what, always avoid building highways, because they seem to generate traffic out of nowhere.

Improve your water system - Your growth won�t really be hurt by a lack of water, but your tax base will be smaller than if you did properly water your city.

Intersperse zones - Would you really want to work 60 miles away from your home? Well Sims don�t want to either, so place industry and commercial zones close together.

Build airports and seaports - You�ll boost the demand for commercial or industrial if your airport is large enough. Remember place your airport far away from the residential zones, no one ever likes to live near a loud and chaotic airport.

Build road and rail connections - Your industry and commerce must have access the rest of the world to peddle their goods, and services. They do pretty the same thing as the airports and seaports.

Lower pollution/crime/traffic - Well this one is a given, I mean really who wants to live next to a rotting cesspool of filth or the neighborhood crack house. The traffic can�t really be avoided, but it�s a good sign, because it�s a sign your city is growing.

Improve education/health - When your looking for a new house one of the first things look for is the area. Then you check out if the school district is good. I personally would not want to go to an overcrowded school with incompetent teachers.

Pass the following ordinances
Legalized Gambling
Tourist Advertising
Business Advertising
City Beautification
Annual Carnival
Nuclear Free Zone

Don�t pass or revoke the following ordinances
Nuclear Free Zone ordinance
Parking Fines ordinance
1% Income Tax ordinance
1% Sales Tax ordinance

How do I increase land value?

Well fist of all build schools and hospitals to make your Sims healthy and happy. Then build TONS of parks. Also avoid placing industial zones next to residential land. And reduce pollution.

How to lower the pollution of your SimCity

- Lower traffic the traffic in the SimCity.
- Use solar, hydro, windmills, microwave, fusion power plants
� - Use light industrial instead of heavy industrial
- Build a water treatment plant
- Move polluting buildings to edges of map
- Increase tax rate on polluting industries
- Pass Pollution Control ordinance

How to lower traffic in your SimCity

1. Build mass transit, especially busses.
2. Intersperse different zones to keep commutes short.
3. Pass Parking Fines ordinance.

How do I lower crime in my SimCity?

1. Build police stations and jails
2. Use more light zoning
3. Pass Anti-Drug Campaign & Neighborhood Watch Campaign ordinances

How to bring down unemployment in my SimCity

1 Zone more industry and commercial zones
2 Remove Pollution Control ordinance, if in place
3 Lower industrial and commercial tax rates

How to increase my Simcity's education level (EQ)?

1 Build schools and colleges
2 Build Libraries and Museums
3 Pass Pro-Reading Campaign ordinance
4 Give tax breaks to high-EQ industries

How to increase my SimCity's health level.

1 Build hospitals
2 Pass Public Smoking Ban ordinance
3 Pass Free Clinic ordinance
4 Pass Junior Sports ordinance
5 Pass CPR Training ordinance

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