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CNW was originally a website about Conquest of the New World. Since then the website has expanded into many other subjects; such as SimCity 2000, or Build a Website. Feel free to explore any of the sections of this website.
Build A WebSite

Build a WebSite is an online tutorial to help new webmaster learn HTML, find out how to find a good web host, register domains, and promote their websites. Build a Website has recently been finished.

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Conquest of the New World Central

Conquest of the New World Central was my first website that I took time to update frequently. I wrote about 15 web pages worth of information, guides, strategies, hints, and cheats. Conquest of the New World is a strategy game that was released in 1996 by Interplay; it's about the colonization of the New World.

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Conquest of the New World II
Free Donation Directory

About the same time I was creating Snorkle Cheese's Neopets Help I was building Free Click Charities. Free Click Charities is a directory of sites that will donate a few cents to a charity if you click button.

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Net Worth Percentile - Tools to help you figure out how to plan your personal finances better, including topics like budgeting, networth statistics, and more.
Income Percentile - Find out your income percentile compared to other Americans of similar ages

Capitalism II Agglomerate

Capitalism II is a lesser known business simulation game. You can build a company out of anything: farms, factories, office space, etc.

Zoo Tycoon Help

Information about playing the game Zoo Tycoon. Zoo Tycoon is a simulation game where you are able to build zoo's. You are in controll over what each exhibit looks like, what's in the exhibit and how much money youcharge at the gate.

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SimCity 2000 Center

When I was finished with the CNW Central I decided to expand and make a SimCity 2000 website. I wrote a couple pages with hints, tips, cheats, and other good stuff.

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Snorkle Cheese's Neopets Help

Snorkle Cheese's Neopets help is a website to help people who play Neopets. There are game guides, item lists and much more. I might close Snorkle Cheese's Neopets Help in the near future.

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