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Review of Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs

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  Overall Rating
  Game play Rating
  Graphic Rating
  Sound Rating
  System Requirements

Overall Rating

Overall Score: 270/300         Grade: B+

  Overall Dino Digs is a pretty good expansion pack. There are a lot of new animals to make exhibits for and tons of new foliage and things to beatify your park with. I suggest you buy this if you absolutely love Zoo Tycoon and if you’re getting a little tired of the original animals.

Game play:

Score: 85/100         Grade: B

  Making new exhibits for the dinosaurs is extremely tedious.; for example, some of the dinosaurs require their habitat to be sunken 2 titles down. It gets pretty annoying to switch the viewing angle every few moments to find the little piece of grassland that you forgot to change to water. Other than that the game runs pretty smoothly. You have to remember, however, that the animals added in Dinosaur Digs don’t require a veterinarian but they do require a scientist.


Score: 95/100         Grade: A-

  The exhibits in Dinosaur digs can look extremely realistic in a cartoon like way. Most of the new plants and buildings available in Dino Digs can be easily blended into the rest of your part without making it look tacky. The artists who made the dinosaurs are also very talented. The dinosaurs look very nice and realistic, unlike in some games where there are hot pink triceratops and light blue t-rexes. I knocked off 5 points because the dinosaurs are really boring to watch. They just walk around, then stop, eat, and walk around some more.


Score: 90/100         Grade: B

  The sound is nice but repetitive. The dinosaurs and some of the new items growl, roar, and other things like that. I couldn’t hear any new music but that is because I wasn’t paying attention to that.

System Requirements

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